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Let's bring delicious chocolate flavor to foods where chocolate can't go. Let's find the right cocoa color to enhance the appeal of your product. Let's think out of the box when it comes to your dreams and concepts. And let us support you in creating success after success, today and tomorrow. Welcome to the world of Bensdorp. A world of the finest cocoa powder for your success.

Our Dutch cocoa heritage now explores the world

At Bensdorp, premium cocoa is in our genes. It is our DNA. We are fascinated by it, ever since we installed our first cocoa press in Bussum (Holland) in 1840. Over the years, we have learned to create the finest cocoa powders imaginable. We have learned to find the perfect cocoa match for the most specific food concept. We have acquired the know-how to bring the pleasure of chocolate taste and color in food applications where chocolate can’t go. Our Dutch cocoa expertise has grown. It is at your service too.

This is where our journey starts, amidst the passion and lives of cocoa farmers

If we are your premium cocoa powder, then it can only be because our passion has led us to the source, there where cocoa is grown. We have been partnering up with the farming communities to grow cocoa according to the best agricultural practices and latest cultivation techniques. Our global presence has also taught us where we can find the best cocoa crops and most dedicated farmers. We do all of this with only one goal in mind. To share the best of this beautiful crop with you.

If quality means “doing everything to bring out the best in your foods”, then Bensdorp stands for quality

Doing whatever it takes to be the best for our customers is as essential to Bensdorp as excellent flavor, color and presentation are essential to your premium foods. That’s why we offer you the cocoa powders that turn your foods into indulgent delights. We even test your dairy, ice cream, bakery and confectionery concepts on our pilot lines until we know for sure: our recommended powder has the right color, acidity, texture and taste for your food concept. This is your pow(d)er of success.

Our heritage has taught us that a clear vision is the best ingredient for a sustainable future

Cocoa is a challenging crop. That is why our experience in the cocoa trade has led us to spearhead sustainable initiatives. We train cocoa farmers and share know-how of the best agricultural practices and cultivation techniques. We provide financial and social incentives for farmers to improve crop quality and yields. We purchase cocoa directly from cocoa cooperatives to maximize farmer revenue. We invest in health, educational and basic living facilities in cocoa communities to contribute to improving their livelihoods. We motivate farmers to become the future of cocoa.

Premium cocoa powders for:

Dairy Desserts

Ice Cream

Dairy Drinks

Water-based product