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Chocolate powder is a sweeter alternative to cocoa powder that brings out a powerful chocolate flavor in all your premium food creations. Bensdorp chocolate powders are high-fat cocoa powders mixed with sugar that are perfectly soluble in cold applications. They have an intense chocolate taste and a delicious sweetness that is beautifully complemented by their appetizingly rich brown color. Chocolate powder is perfect to add flavor to your desserts, ice cream and (instant) beverages, and can legally be claimed as a chocolate product within the EU.

Bensdorp chocolate powders: Chocolate powder

Chocolate Powder

Sweeter than cocoa powder
Perfectly soluble in cold applications
Can be declared as chocolate powder

Technical Sheet



Cocoa Butter

20 - 22% 


Suitable for declaration as chocolate powder within the European Union.


< 92%

Powder/sugar ratio

3% sugar

Product Applications



Bensdorp cocoa powder applications: puddings

Ready-to-drink cocoa

Bensdorp cocoa powder applications: ready-to-drink cocoa
Ice cream

Classic ice cream

Bensdorp cocoa powder applications: classic ice cream