• Our cocoa journey

    From bean to powder

The Cocoa Journey

Amid the passion and lives of cocoa farmers

That is where our cocoa journey starts

If Bensdorp is your premium cocoa powder, then it can only be because our deep passion for cocoa has led us straight to the source: there where the cocoa bean is grown. And in our quest for the finest cocoa powders, we have been partnering up with West African farming communities to grow cocoa according to the best agricultural practices and latest cultivation techniques. Our global presence has taught us where to source premium cocoa crops and locate the most dedicated farmers. And we do all of this with only one goal in mind: to share the best of this beautiful crop with you.


High-quality fermentation

The harbinger of supreme cocoa flavor

The cultivation of cocoa requires a special climate mostly found in the equatorial region from Central and South America to Africa and Indonesia. Once harvested, our West African cocoa farmers extract the beans from their pods together with the white pulp enveloping them and prepare them for fermentation. West African cocoa farmers are world-famous for their legendary fermentation technique. The fermentation level of their beans is exceptional. And the flavor precursors it creates, develop into a heavenly chocolate taste and delightful cocoa aromas during our signature small-batch roasting process.


Guaranteed constant premium quality

On-site grading to select nothing but the best cocoa

Our extensive cocoa network and local presence in West Africa allow us to work with nothing but top-grade cocoa. Before being shipped for processing, we grade the beans on-site on the basis of multiple tests. One of them is a cut test, which reveals the presence of certain imperfections that may cause off-flavors and indicates the degree of fermentation. Doing this with an ever-vigilant eye enables us to offer you cocoa powder with a constant premium quality.

The Bensdorp cocoa process

Traditional methods led into the twenty-first century

Although Bensdorp attaches a great deal of importance to groundbreaking research and development, the method we use to process cocoa beans into cocoa products essentially has not changed over the last 150 years. Until this very day we still blend, clean, roast, winnow and Dutch our cocoa beans according to the original Bensdorp recipes before processing them into the world’s finest cocoa powder.

The Process