Cocoa nibs

Cocoa nibs

Deliciously crunchy in your product

Cocoa nibs are the roasted kernels of the cocoa bean. They have a refined, intense and pleasantly bitter flavor and add an exciting crunch to your product. We offer nibs in all shapes and sizes that manage to remain crunchy, even in fat-based applications!

Cocoa nibs have a matt dark brown to black color and really help give an artisanal look to your product. To grant your food applications the desired authentic character, we offer you small nibs (for small biscuits or confectionery items) to large nibs (perfect for American style cookies, tablets and dessert toppings). But it is up to you to get creative with them!

Technical properties:

  • Superbags for further processing
  • Available in:
    • Small (2.8 – 3.7 mm)
    • Extra small (2 – 2.8 mm)
Bensdorp cocoa nibs applications (image)