Cocoa powders for
Bensdorp cocoa powder applications: dry powder mix

Dry powder mix

Flavorful powders for a delightful instant mix
Rich chocolate notes
Smooth blend
Instant mix

We have treated our instant mix cocoa powders to make them dissolve perfectly in milk or water. Their medium brown or deep dark red color beautifully complements the intense full chocolate flavor they induce. But it is the pleasant mouthfeel and smooth blend of our instant mix cocoa powders that will really elevate your cocoa drink recipe to a gastronomic level.

Recommended Bensdorp Cocoa Powder: 


Bensdorp Queen Anna cocoa powder (taste spider graph)

Intense flavor with long aftertaste




7.1 – 7.5
To be mixed with either water or milk
Smooth blend in both water and milk preparations
  • Room temperature to warm beverages
  • To be mixed with either water or milk
  • Iced to chilled beverages