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    Bensdorp's high-quality cocoa powders are a
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Essential Quality

Bringing chocolate flavor and color where chocolate cannot go

If quality means “doing everything to bring out the best in your foods”, then Bensdorp stands for quality. Doing whatever it takes to be the best for our customers is as essential to us as excellent flavor, color and presentation are essential for your premium products. That is why we offer you the finest cocoa powders that turn your food applications into indulgent delights. We even test your dairy, ice cream, bakery and confectionery products in our application laboratory and on our pilot lines until we know for sure our recommended powder has the perfect color, fineness, fat content, wettability and above all flavor.

Whatever your product requirements may be, Bensdorp offers you the pow(d)er of success.

Unrivalled Fineness

The world’s finest cocoa

More than 170 years of commitment to quality processing and investments in extensive R&D have enabled us to offer you cocoa powders with an unparalleled fineness. Consequently, our powders go where chocolate cannot go and possess unique characteristics with a valuable effect on flavor development, mouthfeel and the color intensity of your final product. We offer you the world’s finest cocoa, enabling you to elevate food concepting to a fine art.

Excellent Taste

Sourcing the best cocoa in the world

Our quest for the perfect cocoa powders has led us around the world. And thanks to our long-lasting local presence in cocoa producing countries and our durable partnership with cocoa farmers, we have gained access to some of the world’s most delicious cocoa. We choose to work with West African cocoa beans for our signature cocoa powders, and our intense color and flavor cocoa powders because of their exceptional level of fermentation. That determines their excellent flavor.

The unique cocoa bean varieties we use to create our single origin cocoa powders with offer truly amazing tastes and aromas. Each single origin cocoa powder is made with a single variety of cocoa harvested in Peru, Ecuador, Ghana, the Dominican Republic, São Tomé, Tanzania or Cameroon. But because these exclusive cocoa bean varieties are only grown in a select number of plantations, our single origin cocoa powders are available according to customer and supply agreements.


Perfectly soluble high-fat powders for the ultimate cocoa flavor

Bensdorp is specialized in the production of high-fat cocoa powders that know exactly how to produce that deliciously intense full chocolate flavor and mouthfeel. Our passion for your final product has led us to find the key to bypassing the low wettability of cocoa powders with a high cocoa butter content, making them perfect to complement your premium products.


Tasty extreme low-fat powders to bear down on the calories

Some product formulas, such as low-calorie diet products and aerated products like meringues, sponge cakes and marshmallows, require cocoa powder with a fat content as low as possible. Bensdorp is able to produce defatted cocoa powders with a cocoa butter content of less than 1%, while still preserving maximum taste. This way you can reduce the calories in your product, but not at the expense of its flavor.

A Unique Color Range

Keeping a tight rein on the miraculous Dutching process

Dutching (also called alkalization) improves the flavor of cocoa powder, enhances its solubility in warm applications and enables it to present itself in numerous terrific colors and various pH levels. However, the challenge all chocolate manufacturers face is to keep the color and flavor properties of Dutched cocoa powder consistent. Especially dark and dark red powders prove to be most difficult to produce without giving up the cocoa flavor note.

We still use the original Dutching technique and have mastered it to the fullest. That is why we can offer you Dutched cocoa powders with an ever-consistent color and maximum flavor preservation.

Make your products show their true colors

Looking through the eyes of your customer, it is the color of your product that defines its chocolate taste. Dark colors suggest strong chocolate flavors while light colors suggest moderate ones. Because we have mastered the Dutching process to the fullest, Bensdorp is able to offer you a unique variety of cocoa powders with colors ranging from light brown to dark red or even black. We have also listed the intrinsic color properties of all our cocoa powders, so you know exactly how they will present themselves in your final product.

Make your products show their true colors by asking us about the perfect cocoa powder for you.


Professional Quality

Thorough inspection for professional quality

By partnering up with the most dedicated farmers and teaching them how to grow cocoa according to the best agricultural practices, Bensdorp is able to import the best beans on the market. But before being shipped for processing, the beans still undergo numerous on-site quality checks to ensure that nothing but top-grade cocoa makes its way into your product.


Lecithin: the secret to excellent wettability

Because of the fat content (cocoa butter) present in it, cocoa powder has inherent poor wettability and low dispersibility features. By spraying an emulsifying agent called lecithin over the cocoa powder particles, Bensdorp has managed to make it extremely soluble in cold milk or other cold liquid preparations. The lecithin also keeps the solution stable and homogenous, which prevents sedimentation on the bottom of the glass. We only use non-GMO soy lecithin in our products.

Minimized heat-resistant spore loads: a matter of taste and shelf life

At Bensdorp, we are aware that your customers attach a great deal of importance to beverage shelf life. Unfortunately, heat-resistant spores have an unfavorable effect on both preservability and flavor in liquid applications, especially when cocoa powder is applied in combination with dairy products. That is why we screen every batch of cocoa powder to ensure heat-resistant spore loads are kept to a bare minimum. This way we guarantee consistent flavor products with excellent shelf life.

Cocoa powder with a guaranteed clean bill of health

When it comes to quality, food safety and services, promises are not enough. As part of the Barry Callebaut group, the sole fully vertically integrated chocolate producer in the world, Bensdorp has firm control over the entire production process. From the cultivation conditions of the cocoa bean to the process of turning it into powder: every stage is submitted to the strictest controls imaginable. We have the standards and certifications that ensure our products have a full clean bill of health:


Hygiene and food safety standards

Bensdorp’s entire process and supply chain are certified under highest British Retail Consortium (BRC) grade, a global standard for food safety. In combination with state-of-the-art machinery and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), the BRC certification proves our quality system is entirely in line with the most advanced European quality standards and regulations on hygiene and safety.

Microbiological standard

We apply a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point program (HACCP) throughout our entire chain of production. Every single batch of cocoa powder is screened to ensure the absence of dangerous bacteria like Salmonella and E. Coli and to guarantee the batch complies entirely with international microbiological standards.

Allergies standard

Bensdorp produces its cocoa powders in dedicated cocoa plants. This excludes the risk of cross-contamination between food products entirely. Our product labels all clearly define the ingredients used and we only apply non-GMO soy lecithin in our Bensquick cocoa powders. This way, we avoid any risk of allergic reaction, ensuring the health of you and your customer.


Does your product need to meet the strictest of food safety standards?

As a food manufacturer, Bensdorp bears a great responsibility. We go the extra mile with regard to quality, food safety and services. But when it comes to products meant for the local market with its specific local regulations, we go even further.

By carefully inspecting and analyzing our cocoa powders with the most progressive technology and measuring methodologies we are able to produce cocoa powders with the guaranteed lowest possible residues from heavy metals, mycotoxins and contaminants on the market. Apart from tasting great, these cocoa powders comply with the strictest of all food safety standards. They meet local regulations and provide a fitting answer to the growing number of critical consumers who demand ultimate purity and food safety.

Bensdorp regulations team

The sole concern of our regulations team is to make sure all our products are fully compliant with international standards, recognized bodies, European legislation and local legislation. Based on the matrix principle, the Bensdorp regulations team has an influence on the entire value chain. It begins with a close cooperation with the Raw Materials department and R&D colleagues to make sure ingredients and future products are in line with today’s and tomorrow’s regulations. At the other end of the business process, we consult customers to support them in their respective markets.


Packaging tailored to your needs

Cocoa powder is a vulnerable product. It is very sensitive to sunlight, heat and humidity; and tends to pick up foreign odors quickly. That is why Bensdorp invests a substantial amount of time and resources in developing packaging that keeps its cocoa powders in pristine condition. Thanks to our smart packaging solutions, Bensdorp cocoa powders enjoy a shelf life of no less than 24 months.

It is very important to us to cater our customers to their individual needs. Our cocoa powders are therefore available in convenient 1kg, 5 kg, 25 kg and 50 lb bags for small-scale consumers and chocolatiers. Wholesale customers on the other hand will appreciate our big bag packaging with capacities ranging from 500 to 1,000 kg.