Cocoa powders for
Syrups & Sauces (water-based)
Bensdorp cocoa powder applications: fillings and glazings

Fillings & glazings

For delightful fillings in viennoiserie and decorative glazings in patisserie
Rich cocoa notes

Imagine a smooth, mirror-like chocolate glazing on top of a layered cake. Or a delicious chocolate filling that seeps softly from the center of a chocolate fondant. These cocoa powders will help you turn your dessert recipes into sensual delights. In terms of taste they enrich your chocolate fillings and glazings with scrumptious cocoa notes, which are complemented by the medium brown, dark red or deep dark red colors you can choose from. These cocoa powders are suited for warm temperature application.

Recommended Bensdorp Cocoa Powder: 


Bensdorp Bensquick cocoa powders: Bensquick Superior (taste spider graph)

Intense chocolate flavor




7.7 – 8.1
Texture in application
From very liquid to very viscous
In a time span of 4 months the texture in warm applications will change from very liquid over semi-viscous to very viscous.
  • Remains semi-viscous
  • From very liquid to semi-viscous
  • From very liquid to very viscous