About the Origin

Cocoa cultivation in Ghana began just over 100 years ago with the introduction of Amelonado seeds from the Equatorial Guinean island of Bioko. The first plantations were established in Mampong, but successful harvests soon led to the extension of the cocoa growing area into Ashanti and Brong-Ahafo territory. Today, it covers a wide belt from the southeast to the southwest of Ghana.

Bensdorp cocoa liquors: Ghana (map)
About the Cocoa

Delivery form: liquid, 30 kg blocks, 1-ton big carton
Shelf life: 24 months

Bensdorp cocoa liquors: Ghanese cocoa bean
Bensdorp cocoa liquors: Ghana (image)w

Technical Sheet

Most Typical

Medium acidic notes with a touch of fruitiness and pronounced chocolate taste


Bensdorp cocoa liquors: Ghana (taste spider graph)

Cocoa beans from Ghana have a bitter and astringent taste, and combine a touch of fruitiness with a more pronounced cocoa flavor. They also offer sour hints and roasted notes.