Local support, global presence

Here at Bensdorp, we are aware that developing new food applications is a meticulous process that requires extensive calibrating in order to get the recipe just right. Only by testing a formula over and over again can you be sure of the perfect end result. We are therefore committed to supporting you in any way possible. Thanks to decades of experience and our global presence we can offer you personal support in product development, legal information or even info on market developments and new trends.

Bensdorp offers you the support you need, worldwide.

R&D Support

R&D Support

Bensdorp has its own Research & Development centers located in Louviers (France), Eddystone (USA) and Malaysia. But thanks to our synergies with Barry Callebaut research platforms, we can pursue our innovation projects all over the world and offer you R&D support no matter where your operations are located. Our dedicated team of researchers and scientists is always at your disposal to support you in developing new products and optimizing your existing recipes. Thanks to our facilities and know-how, we can help you develop the products of tomorrow.

Application Lab

Selecting the perfect cocoa powder for your food product

The goal of the Bensdorp Application Laboratory is to develop high-performance cocoa powders that match your food applications perfectly. It features a laboratory for product testing and applications work; and enables us to develop cocoa powders with unrivalled properties. Together with you, our lab team seeks the ideal formula, cocoa composition, application possibilities and flavor profile that meet your specific needs exactly.

You can also rely on the expertise of our lab team to advise you on the best cocoa powder for your food application from our standard range of products and test your new products before launching them on the market.

Pilot Line

Testing and optimizing your product recipe

We have equipped our R&D centers with a state-of-the-art pilot line with which we can simulate the production processes that take place on the actual production lines in your factory. This allows us to experiment with new ingredients, test and evaluate your new products in small batches and offer you innovative solutions. And once your recipe is optimized, you can start production on a large scale in complete confidence.

Collaborative research

Putting our heads together to develop the products of tomorrow

Being engaged in an open and interactive innovation initiative has led Bensdorp to establish durable partnerships with scientific and industrial bodies on a large number of projects. To help develop new technologies and invent the products of tomorrow, we are able to call upon the top skills of:

  • High schools and universities for fundamental research
  • Private and public bodies, laboratories and technical platforms
  • Large industrial groups and ingredients suppliers

Find out what Bensdorp can do for your business. Contact us and discover the benefits of partnering up.


Bensdorp Application Laboratory