Bensdorp celebrates its 175th anniversary - creating customer success stories since 1840

Alexandre Nervi
April 18, 2015

Bringing chocolate (taste)
where chocolate can't go

In 1840, the Bensdorp story takes off in Amsterdam...After a few years of working as a chocolate and sugar manufacturer, Gerardus Bensdorp considered it his mission to share cocoa with the common man, “bringing cocoa to every man and woman in the street” and changed his entire production to cocoa processing. With his strong drive to deliver excellence, Gerardus conquered the hearts of many Dutchmen. His decision was a lasting one: he remained a great name in cocoa history and his name still lingers on, even after 175 years! This man had a great vision: “I, Gerardus Bensdorp, will bring chocolate taste where chocolate can’t go.”

Building upon our Dutch expertise

Tracing back to our 1840 roots, Bensdorp is a cocoa brand still fully dedicated to cocoa processing.  Today, Bensdorp offers cocoa solutions beyond its original boundaries. It took its Dutch characteristics and carried them to global destinations.  Our expertise stretches far from Holland, from the cocoa farmers along the equator to quality chocolate flavored end products sold around the world. Yet we stay true to the principles of Dutch processing and refining, offering powders with perfect fineness, which allows Bensdorp products to combine full chocolate flavour with smooth mouth feel – just like chocolate! Our customers can bring out powerful chocolate taste and colour in applications and recipes where chocolate cannot be integrated for technical or cost reasons.

Cocoa solutions beyond boundaries

Today, Bensdorp continues to push the boundaries for its stakeholders. From cocoa bean to end product, Bensdorp goes further than most powder brands can. Further in sustainable responsibility; further in quality; further in its product diversity, featuring the widest range of cocoa powders on the market and a guaranteed choice of origins, flavours, colors, functional benefits and certifications; further in tailoring solutions for its customers to differentiate and match the chocolate taste, color, texture and other specs to create the ultimate fit for their food concept, and contributing widely to their success; and, finally, further in stretching the potential of the cocoa bean to come up with novelties that are linked to the preservation of cocoa flavanols, increased fibre, a variety of colors, and more.
Alexandre Nervi
Director Cocoa Powder Sales Western Europe


Roy Smith
Challenging combinations... definitely have to find me some of these to try!
love these story telling initiatives!