Collaborating for an Exceptional Pudding

Mathilde Le Bailiff
October 23, 2015

One of our values driving us to success is working closely with our customers to realize the best and most accurate solutions to meet varying needs.

For one of our customers producing instant preparation products, we were recently faced with the task to develop an instant pudding premix in an individual pack, specifically designed for home use. Simply adding boiling milk to this premix resulted in a delightful pudding with a generous touch of rich cocoa powder. 

We began the process by first determining with the customer their expectations in terms of color, taste and texture. With a concerted effort bringing together the best of our application and sensory expertise, we developed three different references incorporating cocoa powders from a wide selection of both our Bensdorp and BC range. Each of these references embodied varying and yet exceptional intensities of cocoa aroma and taste. The ultimate choice, of course, was the customer’s preference based on his target market.  

The characteristics of the resulting three references can be seen in the spider on the right. Superb Dutch, in red, has an intense red tone, with a slight salty flavor that enhances the strong chocolate taste. Dutch Lady, in green, has a highly intense color with a sweet, cocoa flavor. Kind Willem, in purple, is the most intense color of the three references, with a sharper taste which maintains a longer chocolate mouth feel. 


This is one of many examples of how our customer focus approach allows us to offer both practical yet outstanding solutions to our customers, positioning them strategically in the markets they operate.


Mathilde Le Baillif, R&D Engineer, Cocoa