Ebony cocoa powder in Swiss chocolate

Feven Elias
January 27, 2017

In 1828, the Dutch Chocolatier , Van Houten discovered “Alkalization”,  a special technique of cocoa processing to develop cocoa products with various flavors and colors. Only then was it possible to produce cocoa powders & liquors, beyond their natural type. The development of brown, red,  and black cocoa products with different intensities and flavors opened up an exciting new chapter which transformed the colorful world of Chocolate.

A great example of cocoa alkalization brought to life is Black Zabuye, a new black chocolate introduced by Barry Callebaut’s Swiss chocolate brand Carma. The main ingredient used to create this unique chocolate, is none other than Bensdorp’s black cocoa powder, Ebony. Ebony was used to achieve the dark black color and intense cocoa flavor of Zabuye.

The innovation of Black Zabuye began around 3 years ago, as the creative Carma Swiss Chocolatiers gathered and brainstormed new ideas to enrich the world of chocolate.  As chocolate and cocoa go hand in hand, the chocolate teams then collaborated with Bensdorp’s Cocoa R&D to unite reality with their imagination. Ebony, as an intense black cocoa powder with a strong flavor, beautifully settles into chocolate. With precise product development planning, the marriage of Ebony cocoa and chocolate resulted in a surprisingly mild and smooth flavored dark, black chocolate.