Sylvie Woltering-Valat
September 16, 2016

Mr. Louis Bensdorp, heir to the brand’s founder, visited our cocoa factory in Louviers to learn how Bensdorp cocoa is produced today and find out if it still tastes as delicious.

Leigh Pezzicara
December 3, 2015

At Food Ingredients Europe in Paris this week, Bensdorp's rich heritage was celebrated with a 175th Anniversary Cocoabration. Barry Callebaut's studio was packed for the event, featuring delicious savory dishes enhanced with Bensdorp cocoa powders, a decadent cake made with Bensdorp, of course, and even a Dutch lady ice sculpture. Watch the video recap!

Alexandre Nervi
April 18, 2015

In 1840, Gerardus Bensdorp considered it his mission to share cocoa with the common man, “bringing cocoa to every man and woman in the street” and changed his entire production to cocoa processing. Today, Bensdorp continues to push the boundaries for its stakeholders, bringing chocolate (taste and color) where chocolate can't go. From cocoa bean to end product, Bensdorp goes further than most powder brands can.