An improved cocoa drink

Mathilde le Baillif
June 5, 2015

A Bensdorp customer was producing a cocoa dairy drink, UHT, in ready to drink small tetra paks. Their target market is children, but a lot of adults are also drinking this particular product. They mix 1,5%  20/22 Queen Anna (DZA) powder in the milk, and their goal was to increase the perception of quality by intensifying the end product’s color and taste.

So we tackled this challenge together. We held tasting sessions with our sensory panel in our application lab to test their product, develop and advise alternative recipes to meet their needs.

Our analysis consisted of:

·         Defining the profile of the cocoa drink

·         Color specification

·         New recipe development

·         Sensory panel tastings


Cocoa drink

Results of the sensory panel can be seen in the spider graph to the left, highlighting the relevant taste descriptors defined by the panel: chocolate, caramel, bitterness, cocoa, roundness, aftertaste and sweetness. We also measured the color on the finished product.

A variety of options were proposed as can be seen in the graph, and compared to the standard option represented by the red line.

·    Green: 20/22 Windmill (MR) produced a lighter result with more caramel notes.

·    Yellow: 20/22 Superior Red (SR) produced darker results and high chocolaty notes.

·    Blue: 20/22 Superior Red (SR) (at 1%) produced a slightly lighter color and a similar taste in the finished product.

Other trials altered the percentage of product used and the testing of new options, with a final decision to change the recipe to 20/22 Superior Red (SR) at 1,5%, providing a finished product with improved taste and color, resulting in  a satisfied customer.

By working with our application experts, understanding our customer’s needs, and finding the best solutions together, we can continuously strive to deliver success stories and customer solutions.

Mathilde Le Baillif, R&D Engineer, Cocoa


roy smith
Nice story! It shows the passion for cocoa we have.