Intensity in Color - Dark Red

Mathilde Le Bailiff
September 7, 2015

After trying several powders on their own to no avail, one of our customers requested that we develop a brownie with a high reddish note and a strong cocoa taste. We in technical support advised the use of our Red Cameroon powder. The results were a huge success and the brownie in question can be seen in the photo to the left. 

This powder has been developed using Cameroon beans combined with a high alkalization process which results in a strong cocoa taste, with bitter notes. This high flavor profile sustains a rich chocolate taste after baking, whereas the flavor of standard powders tends to flatten out after baking. The color in the finished product is also much more reddish than a standard powder.

Red Cameroon powder is mostly advised for bakery products due to its strong taste. But due to its strong character, it is also appreciated in some Eastern Europe countries for dairy products like puddings, drinks or ice creams, where strong cocoa taste with bitter notes is preferred.

Mathilde Le Baillif, R&D Engineer, Cocoa