Low in sugar never tasted so sweet

Leigh Pezzicara
December 5, 2016

Discover the chocolate pow(d)er alternative

Perfect for desserts where you want to bring out an intense chocolate taste - Bensdorp’s dark chocolate powder gives you the flexibility to produce exquisitely rich creations with that smooth melt-in-your-mouth feeling. Think: artisanal ice cream, truffle fillings and ganache, chilled mousse or luxurious hot drinks.

dark chocolate powder, fillings

With a long shelf life, a high degree of stability, and legal classification as a chocolate powder, there are few reasons not to explore the possibilities that chocolate powders can bring to the table. Chocolate powders disperse with ease in cold applications, so there is no need to use melted chocolate where once it was a necessity. And in fact, they can even be used in applications where regular chocolate can prove difficult due to its higher fat content. Not only do chocolate powders provide an intensity of color and flavor in your applications, but they enable a clean ingredients list and low sugar content to meet discerning consumer expectations.

chocolate powder, dairy drinks, Bensdorp

Would you like to explore the opportunities that Bensdorp’s dark chocolate powder can bring to your final application? Work with our R&D experts to test the possibilities and discover the time and cost savings of chocolate powders, all the while improving the taste and experience of your creations.