New flavours?

Ellen Nakashima
June 15, 2015

Diversity is a sign of our times and crosses all sectors.

Any chef or food company knows that to survive in the market, it is necessary to diversify their product range. No longer can a “one product” kind of company survive in the hostile food market.

As a cocoa and chocolate company, we receive requests from all over the world and keep a close watch on the market for developments and trends. Most people think of cocoa and chocolate as dark, milk, or white. But in fact, we see and develop many other combinations of flavors, often driven by different cultures.

For example in Japan, the traditional Japanese green tea is now a standard chocolate flavor. In India, biscuits are flavored with a combination of curry and chocolate.

Some of these new flavors are made to disrupt conventional thinking and align with the youth “rebel” trend.

Flavor combinations such as cheese and chocolate syrup, or tasting sessions of caviar and chocolate are there to challenge standard behavior.

Innovation on taste also means getting
back to the basics.

Single Origin ranges: chocolates and cocoa from producing countries such as Ecuador, Tanzania, and Peru, have a bold simplicity of flavor. Going back to natural, combinations of fruit and chocolate are already considered common place, but are still favored. While flavor starts with the basics, now unexpected combinations are becoming more commonplace. We can find easily combinations with fruits, nuts, mint and hot peppers, but what about Goji Berries, Ginger, Cardamom, Lavender, Black Pepper, Fennel and Wasabi?

For a high protein diet, it seems that the combination of chocolate with grasshoppers, salmon, calamari and shrimp are winners.

We have a cocoa liquor with a hint of smokiness which marries perfectly with bacon and ginger served as a dessert with a fruit sorbet. Or even a fruit stick covered with smoked chocolate with pieces of bacon and cheese!

What will be your flavor of choice?


You are absolutely right - and now we are also seeing how important and relevant for products and brands to attract to 5 senses. The experience is in the full package :)