The Sensory Experience

Paul Lechevalier
August 5, 2015

If you are a cocoa-fanatic then I am sure you know how pleasing cocoa products are to the palate. Cocoa products, however, are about more than just taste. It is an experience – an entire cocoa experience – when it comes to our cocoa products here at Bensdorp.

The burst of flavor, delicious aromas and the range of textures and colors of different cocoa products are part of the entire cocoa sensory experience. This is the reason we stretch possibilities when it comes to our products, combine flavors with different fruits, nuts, etc., to develop a range of products to meet the demands of our customers. 

In ensuring that our customers receive the complete sensory experience, we hold little test-runs here at our offices. These fun and interactive sensory sessions are specially designed for everyone in our company as we believe that the responsibility of cocoa's sensory experience does not just lie with our QA and our cocoa R&D teams.

At these sessions, participants get the chance to taste our cocoa products in their final applications such as in biscuits and drinks. After a crash course on cocoa vocabulary to describe taste, color and smell, we are able to understand the reactions of the participants in their experiences with our products.

Participants first taste 3 different cocoa powders knowing their specific profiles. Later, they will taste these cocoa powders in different applications (in biscuits and drinks) and attempt to identify the cocoa powder in each application. Adding to the challenge of the entire sensory experience, the participants play a little game, competing to correctly identify the powder in each application to win a little prize.

We use this information to develop our products further so that they meet our customers’ demands from start to finish.


Bringing cocoa to every man and woman in the street

Our sensory experience sessions at our offices are some of the steps we take to go further with our products, tailoring them in order to make the ultimate fit for our customers, and making sure that everyone here has a shared responsibility in our cocoa products.

Paul Lechevalier, R&D Director, Cocoa Asia Pacific