A Sustainable Future for Cocoa

Leigh Pezzicara
November 24, 2015

Founded in September, the Cocoa Horizons Foundation has a mission to improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers and their communities through the promotion of sustainable, entrepreneurial farming, improved productivity, and community development. To do so, the Foundation must grow its impact and drive on-the-ground change together with its partners. 

Bensdorp offers a way for its customers to support the Foundation’s activities, and therefore bolster their own sustainable brand values, through the purchase of HORIZONS cocoa products. Customers pay a premium on these products that goes directly to the Foundation to fund its activities. Cocoa Horizons pools its resources and targets funds to the activities that most effectively address the challenges facing cocoa farmers in West Africa today. These activities focus on two pillars: Productivity and Community Development

pruning, good agricultural practices, productivity

Customers of Bensdorp’s HORIZONS products can communicate their support for the Foundation and sustainable cocoa cultivation. Barry Callebaut supports all HORIZONS customers with messaging that will connect with consumers, helping to further drive the demand for sustainable cocoa.

Uniting the cocoa value chain from farmer to consumer is the first step to ignite a sustainable cocoa future. 

women's empowerment, cocoa farming, cocoa sustainability, sustainable cocoa


Roy Smith
This is the way forward, something to pass on and tell my children about!