The Ultimate Benefit of Cocoa

Ieme Blondeel
September 14, 2015

We speak a lot about the broad range of colors and flavors of Bensdorp cocoa powders. But the ultimate benefit of cocoa, the “Food of the Gods”, goes much deeper.

Cocoa was first cultivated about 7000 years ago and has captured interest and devotion worldwide for many centuries. Prior to the invention of pressing and dutching by the Van Houten family in 1828, cocoa products tasted bitter and had no developed color or cocoa-aroma.

Stephen Beckett writes in his famous book on chocolate " Pope in fact declared that a cocoa drink could be drunk during a fast, because its taste was so bad...". When cocoa taste is mentioned in books between the 16th and 19th century, it's in fact in recipes to mask the cocoa taste...

The answer to why generations 'masked' cocoa taste for almost 7000 years is found in those same books. Cocoa was a medicine. It was considered to aid brain health, gut health, energize and aid general well-being.

Granted, since we have found ways to improve the taste, the cocoa market exploded worldwide. Over the last 160 years, the cocoa harvest grew about 250 times! But recently we've discovered that there is a mild way of processing possible, resulting in an indulgent taste, while preserving and rediscovering the healthiness of cocoa.

Acticoa cocoa powder can result in a chocolate beverage, as indulgent and bold in color as requested. The only difference is that it's also scientifically proven to aid cardiovascular health and therefore general well-being. The benefits on general health were so significant, that Europe granted it its 4th commercial health claim in 2013. That bears repeating because it was previously beyond imagination – a HEALTH CLAIM not on carrots or seaweed, but on chocolate and cocoa drinks!

Since the impact on cost is minor, about .03€ more per bottle for a beverage, and the benefit so big, this could really be the next step in cocoa evolution. Acticoa is an indulgent chocolate drink that supports cardiovascular health, and brings us a step closer toward raising awareness about the ultimate and most important benefits of cocoa. 


Ieme Blondeel, R&D, Project Lead