Specialty powders
D-light powders

The ultimate cocoa butter-free answer and texture solution…

Bensdorp D-light cocoa powders with a cocoa butter content of less than 1% are ideal for food recipes in which a low fat content plays a decisive role in obtaining the right texture. They are especially perfect to be used in aerated products based on whipped egg white and serve as the perfect answer to the increasing demand for fat-free cocoa. These powders keep the total amount of calories in your product to an absolute minimum and add a characteristic flavor to it. Their very low cocoa butter content also reduces the risk of fat bloom in coatings and spreads based on lauric fats.

Bensdorp D-light cocoa powders: Red D-light applications (image)

Red D-light (defatted SR)

Contains less than 1% cocoa butter
Ideal for aerated products
Ideal for low-calorie products

Technical Sheet


Bensdorp D-light cocoa powders: Red D-light (taste spider graph)

Intense cocoa flavor




7.6 – 8.2

Cocoa Butter

< 1% 


Min. 99.5%


Increases the volume of your dough. Ideal for aerated products:

  • Meringues
  • Sponge cakes
  • Macarons
  • Marshmallows
  • Angel food cake

Product Applications



Bensdorp cocoa powder applications: puddings
Ice cream

Classic ice cream

Bensdorp cocoa powder applications: classic ice cream

Macarons, meringues

Bensdorp cocoa powder applications: macarons and meringues

Ready-to-drink cocoa

Bensdorp cocoa powder applications: ready-to-drink cocoa