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Consumers today are more adventurous than ever. They have their minds set on exciting tastes and textures, new applications and authentic products. Thanks to the Bensdorp single origin cocoa powders, you can offer them a brand-new food experience. Only a few cocoa bean varieties from around the equator offer truly amazing tastes and aromas. Bensdorp's long-time presence in the countries of origin has granted access to some of the most unique cocoa bean varieties in the world. Explore the results of that in our range of eight single origin cocoa powders. Each one is the pure essence of cocoa mass made with a single cocoa bean variety harvested in one specific region.

Red Ghana

About the Origin

Ghana is a breathtaking country filled to the brim with interesting historical sights, cultural festivals, stunning beaches and beautiful wildlife parks, and therefore one of West Africa’s most popular tourist destinations. With approximately 100 years of experience, Ghana has a relatively young history of cocoa cultivation. The first Ghanaian cocoa plantations were founded in Mampong with cocoa seeds imported from Bioko, an island 32 km off the west coast of Africa. Today, Ghana is the world's second largest cocoa exporter with plantations forming a wide belt that stretches from the southeast to the southwest of the country. Because of its constant, exceptional quality and very stable yields, the cocoa that Ghana produces truly is the better of West-African cocoa.

Bensdorp single origin cocoa powder: Red Ghana (map)
About the Cocoa

Ghanaian cocoa beans offer a scarlet red color and rich chocolate flavor, combining a touch of fruitiness with a more pronounced cocoa-caramel flavor and roasted notes.

Bensdorp single origin cocoa powder: Red Ghana cocoa bean
Bensdorp single origin cocoa powder: Red Ghana (image)

Technical Sheet

Most Typical

Medium acidic notes with a touch of fruitiness and pronounced chocolate taste


Pronounced chocolate flavor



Product Application

Ice cream

Classic ice cream

Bensdorp cocoa powder applications: classic ice cream


Bensdorp cocoa powder applications: puddings


7.4 – 7.8

Cocoa Butter

10 – 12%