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Certified & sustainable powders

Food manufacturers worldwide rely on the quality, fineness and technical properties of Bensdorp cocoa powders. But Bensdorp sets new industry standards with a generation of cocoa powders that focus on natural purity, fair dealings with cocoa farmers, respect for the environment and many other requirements. They provide you with a fitting answer to growing consumer needs for products with extra guarantees.

Special Certification (kosher, halal, non-GMO)

Kosher cocoa powders

Kosher food and ingredients enjoy a very positive image of purity and are also appreciated by countless consumers in the non-Jewish community looking for an extra guarantee. Kosher food laws prescribe which food can be eaten and how they need to be prepared.

Bensdorp offers a wide range of kosher-certified cocoa products that are mostly divided into two certification categories:

on the packaging means that the “Organized Kashruth Laboratory” rabbinical authority has granted kosher pareve status for all the product ingredients and for the production equipment. Bensdorp products displaying this symbol are 100% vegetal powders that contain no milk, nor traces of milk.

P on the packaging represents the higher kosher Passover status, which is a special status for products subjected to the strictest of kosher rules. Bensdorp offers a selection of cocoa powders that is allowed to carry this status. They can be consumed during Pesach, the Jewish Passover feast.

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Halal cocoa powders

Halal-certified cocoa powders are available on request. Halal Control for Bensdorp cocoa powder is granted by Halal Control.

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Non-GMO cocoa powders

All Bensdorp products are solely made with raw materials of non-GMO origin. This includes non-GMO soy lecithin for the production of our Quicksolve cocoa powders. Due to the very strict GMO regulations of the EU, products manufactured in Europe do not require specific GMO-labeling.

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Bensdorp certified cocoa powders: kosher certification and kosher pareve certification