About the Origin

Tanzania has been producing cocoa for many decades now. Tanzanian cocoa trees only yield small quantities, but produce fine tasting beans. The most important growing area is located around Lake Malawi and is known for its incredibly delicious cocoa.

Bensdorp cocoa liquors: Tanzania (map)
About the Cocoa

Delivery form: 2.5 kg blocks
Shelf life: 24 months
Limited availability

Bensdorp cocoa liquors: Tanzanian cocoa bean
Bensdorp cocoa liquors: Tanzania (image)

Technical Sheet

Most Typical

Bitter and sour taste with roasted and fruity notes


Bensdorp cocoa liquors: Tanzania (taste spider graph)

The typical taste of Tanzanian cocoa beans could best be described as keeping a delicious mean between sour and bitter. You will also discover offer high wine-like and fruity notes in them.