Local support, global presence

Here at Bensdorp, we are aware that developing new food applications is a meticulous process that requires extensive calibrating in order to get the recipe just right. Only by testing a formula over and over again can you be sure of the perfect end result. We are therefore committed to supporting you in any way possible. Thanks to decades of experience and our global presence we can offer you personal support in product development, legal information or even info on market developments and new trends.

Bensdorp offers you the support you need, worldwide.

Technical support

Technical Support

Besides lending you an expert hand in product development and testing, our R&D teams are happy to provide a fitting answer to your technical questions as well. Based on the Q&A principle, our specialists can expertly answer all questions you have about cocoa powders, their use in a broad range of applications and the technical aspects related to the production of your food applications.

Problem solving is what we do happily and what we do best. So whatever difficulties you may encounter, please don’t hesitate to ask us about them. We are pleased to provide you with a fitting answer.

Do you have a question for us? Contact us and we will do our very best to provide you with a solution.

The Bensdorp Cocoa Inspiration Lab

Sharing our extensive cocoa knowledge with you

With the Bensdorp Cocoa Inspiration Lab we provide you with a platform to exchange know-how and information about cocoa powder application through theoretical classes and practical seminars. The courses are conducted by our cocoa and food engineers and include topics such as food and drug legislation, specification, labeling and functionalities.

To meet your busy schedule or level of equipage, we offer you the choice of organizing the training seminars in one of the Bensdorp factories or on-site in your own facility.

Let us share our knowledge with you. Get in touch with your local sales representative to sign up for a course.


Bensdorp Cocoa Inspiration Lab: woman wearing protective glasses and earplugs